Dynamic Lock Windows 10 using Bluetooth

Security haters beware–here’s a useful security feature you might just like–it’s call Dynamic Lock.  This new feature adds a touch of security to your desktop without all the fuss and hassle of having to remember to lock your screen when you walk away.   Gone are the days of co-workers turning your screen upside-down when you take a trip to the rest room, or commandeering your computer while you aren’t looking to send emails to the CEO just because they can…(grrr…jerks….but I digress…).

I recently became aware of a useful new security feature in Windows 10 called ‘Dynamic Lock’.   This feature automatically locks your computer when a chosen paired bluetooth device is no longer reachable.  Walk to the kitchen–COMPUTER LOCKED!  Go out for a vape-break–LOCKED!  Visit the neighboring cubicle–well…errr….not quite far enough, but if someone is gutsy enough to sit in my chair while I still  have visual…more power to ’em!

Here’s how to set it up starting with Windows 10 v. 15031  (to check what version of windows 10 you have, type ‘winver’ in the search and select run command).

  1.  Go to Settings
  2.  Go to Accounts
  3.  Click on ‘Sign on options’
  4. Under Dynamic Lock, check ‘Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device’
  5. If you haven’t already, set up a bluetooth device that the computer can connect to such as your smartphone.
  6. Test it out by walking away, or turning off bluetooth on your smartphone.

Enjoy gloating in your new secure haven.  Well, on second thought…not quite…but every little security control helps.  It’s just one more layer of your defense in depth!

 and that’s today’s word… from the nerd….

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