Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Photosphere

photosphereIf you like Google Street View, you’ll love this! Google has new feature in it’s latest Android software called Photosphere.  It essentially allows your phone to take a 360 degree photo, you can even pan up and down–much like Street View. The only difference is, you are in charge of the camera, giving you (and anyone using Google Maps or Google Earth) access to photo awesomeness!   Although slated to come out in Android 4.3, it is also available early for those of us waiting for the next update.  The application is installed using a simple APK file, and does NOT require root!  I recently installed Photosphere on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, and how well it worked!   This file will work with many android devices, though I only personally tried it on my Note 2 running v. 4.1.2

If you haven’t seen Photosphere in action, check out this site:

No question, this was the greatest feature or app that I have put on my phone in a long time.   Now, along with Google Earth, we will be able to take that vacation we never could afford–all while sitting at the office! 🙂

Google Plus users can post photosphere images, there is a widget in google plus that allows viewers to get the full photosphere effect!

Browse here with your android and Download the install file here,

or visit the AndroidCentral sites below for more info.


Happy PhotoSphering!

P. S.   Post back with your awesome photosphere images here,  we would love to see them!







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