Fun with Gimp, Cats and Bo Pelini

I’ve been working with some web images, and decided to have a little fun to learn how to use Gimp and InkScape better.  So I took a picture of my cat after she jumped into a tiny cardboard box.   Somehow she defied the laws of physics getting into that thing. After ‘photoshopping’ her several different backgrounds she really defied the laws of physics (and nature).  I used Gimp to remove the background of the photo, then superimposed her in interesting places! Here is the original image:


cat in box







After taking the image, I opened it in GIMP and started removing the background.  To do this, grab the magic wand tool and select an object in the background that you want to disappear, then choose “Layer | transparency | add alpha channel”.  Hit delete after each selection to remove it.   Keep working until all the background is gone, then clean up by selecting the background with the box tool or lasso tool and hitting ‘delete’ on the keyboard.   You should end up with only the object you want, and a checkerboard background.

Cat in small box








Now the fun begins.   Select an image from the internet that you want to use for your background and copy it.  (In Chrome, just right click and choose ‘copy image’).  Then open Gimp, and select file | create | from clipboard.   This builds a new Gimp canvas that matches the image you copied earlier.

Now go to your image with no background (in my case, the cat in a box) and select it with the Rectangle select tool and copy it.  Now go to your background image and paste it in.   You may have to resize your image to match, do this by going to the menu and choosing layer | scale layer…

Below are some fun images I created.  It’s a great exercise in creativity and fun!  Some of the images I used the ‘eraser’ tool to cut off parts of the bottom of the box to get a better perspective. I also copied and pasted a few nearby parts of the image to make it look a little better.

smokey surf small













Lebron with Cat in box








Cat in box in eagles nest








Cat in Box frisbee golf








Mordor cat in box







Cat in box meme







cat in box litterbox

I had to flip Smokey horizontally to get the right look on this one..  🙂








and finally, a little fun with Bo Pelini and his love for cats….

Bo Pelini with cat in box







Bo Pelini cat in box









Have fun with it!


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