Cisco 881W LWAPP problem

Cisco 881Got a new Cisco 881 router and I wanted to set up the internal 801Access Point to boot to  LWAPP on a newly purchased Cisco C881W.  LWAPP is Cisco’s propietary lightweight access point protocol, it requires a WLC (Cisco Wireless LAN Controller) to operate it.  Since we have many AP’s running this way at my place of business, it made sense to set it to run from the controller as opposed to autonomous mode.

So I entered the command

“service-module wlan-ap 0 boot image unified”

however, the router would not take it.


I searched Cisco’s site trying to find out what I missed.  I did a quick ‘show ver’ from the command line,  I realized that this router was running the ‘Advanced Security’ code.    (Look for the “License Level: advsecurity” toward the bottom of the ‘sh ver’ results.)   As it turns out, Advanced Security code does not support running the built in AP in LWAPP mode, you need the Advanced IP Services code to do that. 

After some research, I found that you can upgrade this license fairly inexpensively.   Also, Cisco allows you to demo the Advanced IP Services code for 60 days by running the command

 “license boot module c800 level advipservices”.


This will allow you to run the AP in LWAPP mode immediately, and apply the license within 60 days.

After running the command, verify it by running another ‘sh ver’  you should get something like this:


License Information for ‘c800’

License Level: advsecurity   Type: Permanent

Next reboot license Level: advipservices


Now reboot, run  the command “service-module wlan-ap 0 boot image unified” and enjoy your new LWAPP enabled 881!


Here are the SKU’s for upgrading the Cisco 881, 881W, 887V, 888, or IAD 881 from advanced security to advanced IP Services:

 SL-880-AIS=    Mailed PAK

L-880-AIS=     Electronically Delivered PAK



Here are a few links to help you find what you need:>

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